Ian Painting

Born in 1983 in the Gold Country of California, the abstract painter, Ian Montgomery, is a quickly rising artist in New York City. Though he has Bachelor’s degrees in both molecular biology and nursing, he has long had a great appreciation for the arts, and often strives to include his understanding of the physical world within his art. His studies in the sciences and mathematics revealed to him the overwhelming themes and patterns in the world, such as the Golden Ratio, wave physics, and logarithms. In these patterns he obtains structure and foundation. Additionally, he plays with the idea of being human in opposition to natural order, and lets his emotion drive his work to eventually arrive at a coexistence of order and chaos. His most recent collection exudes this theme, while all maintaining individuality. Going forward, Ian plans to expand on his painting and continue to explore this dichotomy further. Aside from this he is also reaching out to more obscure media and styles, like oxidative printing on metal.