I know it’s the end of June and I am only now proclaiming summer’s presence, but I have finally tacked down all the cursory work that needed to get done i.e. school, moving, travelling to Tom Tom Fest, travelling to California, pulling myself away from California, delve back into cycling, my day job, etc…

Having finished these tasks, I can once again immerse myself into art, hence the latest piece, Flagella. I actually quenched this canvas with the intent of a fertility piece for the marriage of my friends Douglas and Natalia Fullerton. Well some may pose that I am no longer and abstract artist. But nonetheless, they have allowed it into there home, where it may serve its purpose in the world… ideally when they see fit. I am also working on a 3′ x 5′ piece for the bedroom area. I would discuss my ideas about it, but my paintings always evolve into something incomprehensible to the founding brush stroke.

In other news, the man-with-the-plan… to promote my art, Ashton Erler, is moving up to NYC in July! Debauchery may ensue. But we will have a good time.

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